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How Is an AI Professional Potentially Different to a Data Scientist?

With Artificial Intelligence becoming more and more of a buzz term in the data analytics related market, some ambiguity about the role of an AI professional inevitably ensues.

In many cases such a role entails the use of advanced Machine Learning models, such as Deep Learning networks, while other times it may involve something else entirely. After all, the field of Artificial Intelligence has been around of over half a century, so a great deal of differentiation has evolved in it, especially since it became a popular tool in Data Science. Namely, there are AI professionals that focus on Robotics, for example, so they deal with hardware-related challenges in the systems they design. What’s more, experts in this sub-field of AI need to develop systems that are time-critical, since real-time response is often a requirement.

A more modern specialization of Artificial Intelligence is Augmented Reality. An AI expert delving in that needs to be adept at computer vision as well as image processing. Just like in Robotics, any systems developed in Augmented Reality need to be snappy as any latency is bound to be an issue in the final product.

Beyond these two specialisations there are a few other ones, where an AI professional is distinctly different to a data scientist. Nevertheless, here in Rockstars.ai we can provide you with all kinds of specialists, tailored to the roles you need filled in your organization.

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