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About Rockstars

The Data Science and AI Recruitment Specialists

Why Rockstars.AI

It’s exciting times in the world of artificial intelligence and data science. The speed at which progress is taking place is nothing short of staggering. However, with progress comes responsibility, and those who choose to work in it should not only possess the right skills, but also the right set of values.

We help companies to ethically achieve their business objectives by providing them with some of the brightest talent in the industry. We choose this talent by thoroughly vetting each candidate and ensuring they fulfil each one of our extensive Rockstar selection metrics.

This process enables us to cut recruiting time, nurture the careers of those we select and help companies to efficiently deal with the challenges they face.

Our mission
Naturally our number one goal is to become the most successful specialist AI and DS recruitment company in the industry, but in order to achieve this we want our reputation to do the talking. Companies come to us because we have a no-nonsense approach to helping them acquire the talent they need. We also have an incredible database of skilled individuals from which to choose from.

In addition, we want to help the individuals we represent to become better at what they do, and to nurture their careers for the long term, not just for one-off roles. We regularly attend seminars where we listen to the concerns of those working in the industry, and we take this vital information and use it to shape our own enterprise. In short, we want to be the best, because our people make us the best.

Our values

  • To recognise the value in every individual we come in to contact with
  • To nurture talent wherever possible
  • To listen to the concerns of everyone working in the AI and DS space
  • To listen to the concerns of the general public
  • To acquire as much knowledge as we possibly can – never stop learning
  • To trust in order to win trust
  • To give respect in order to earn respect
  • To never stop evolving

If you are looking for a role, or what we call a Rockstar, speak with one of our specialists today on +44 203 922 0954.