We are a boutique technology recruiting partner and
digital transformation consultancy.

We do things a little differently.

Hire a technology Rockstar for your next digital transformation project.
If you are considering a large-scale digital transformation project, we have the resources, depth of knowledge, and processes to help you build better value.

We understand that big enterprises often lack the in-house technological knowhow and data science capabilities to create the systems needed to drive their businesses forward.

At Rockstars.ai, we plug those holes and offer a more personable, end-to-end solution, that can even start with assisting you in the preparation of your C-level budgetary proposals.
A unique approach
Ours is not a typical IT recruitment agency model. We don’t just install a particular area of expertise and leave you to it. Ours is a lightweight, hybrid model that blends a senior level of data science and AI capability, with the commercial acumen and project management skills of a multinational consultancy firm.
With smarter resources
Over the years, we have developed lasting relationships with a huge network of IT professionals across the entire digital transformation landscape. We call them Rockstars.

A technology Rockstar is a developer, analyst, engineer or data scientist who meets our strict 5-star criteria:

• They are already well-established in their field, and proven at a senior level.
• They challenge the status quo and aren’t afraid to ask tough questions.
• They eat, sleep, and breathe consultancy, technology and all-things digital.
• They diligently keep abreast of any changes within their area of expertise.
• They are excellent communicators who believe in using plain language.
For better outcomes
From supporting you in your project proposals and obtaining that all-important ‘green light’, to assisting you in defining your reporting lines and supplying all your human resources requirements, we are here to help you achieve the outcomes your C-level demands.
Next step
You can read more about our process, learn about our success stories, or can contact us to arrange an exploratory call.