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Christopher Wright
Chris Wright is a serial entrepreneur and veteran in the field of technology recruiting with extraordinary talent for resourcing large digital transformation projects.

Having earned a Higher National Diploma in Computer Science, he started his career fixing computers and spent 5 years as a network systems installer. He then went on to join a technical recruiting and management consultancy in London.

Chris decided that this was the right career choice and took a risk by starting his own business. Over the last decade and a half, he has founded several companies, focused on technical recruitment and management consultancy in the Data Science arena.

Having supplied technical resources to some of the world’s most prolific enterprise companies, his mission is now to build a world-class, hybrid technical recruiting and consulting brand.

Outside of work, he is a sort-after House music DJ and radio host, with a passion for many forms of music including electronic/dance and rock.

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David Westera
David brings a wealth of knowledge to our consultancy, and has a solid foundation in the technology arena. He started his career 10 years ago as a Big Data Developer, being tasked with reengineering and migrating insurance datasets; and also specialised as a product owner, working within data, AI, and machine learning. Up until joining in 2021, he spent more than seven years as a tech project manager and product area manager.

After acquiring a deep understanding of the technology landscape, he realised that his real talent lay in managing tech teams. As a result, he took project lead roles at adidas, ABM, Amro and Nationale Nederlander, to name just a few.

David studied international business with finance, whilst taking additional courses in computer science and engineering. He is highly skilled in negotiation, and has a deep understanding of tech dependencies and impediments within enterprise organisations.  

When David is helping companies to fulfil their digital transformation ambitions, he’s a keen sportsman.  He loves to play tennis and football, and hones his skills in the metaverse and investing.

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Arny B. Arnold
Arny is a world leading expert, innovator and strategy consultant focused on Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality and Metaverse business strategy and associated technology implementation.

He has a deep knowledge of Avatars and Digital Twins, with a unique understanding of software/hardware integration, and expert knowledge in any possible, 3D audio, Real time graphics, Unreal Engine, CGI, VR, XR and immersive application whatever the scale. This in-depth practical knowledge allows Arny to provide expert insights and strategy to Executives and Businesses for developing XR, Immersive and Metaverse applications.

Arny provides ground-breaking and problem solving especially when it leads to innovation at the service of better customer experiences and professional workflows.

Arny brings to the table invaluable understanding of technology stacks, cost modelling, business modelling, production workflows and talent acquisition to plan projects in these areas.

When Arny is not helping customers understand the art of the possible within the Metaverse, he can be found honing his skills as a classically trained concert pianist, gaming in the Metaverse, or digitally producing music in his recording studio.

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Davin Patel
Davin is a multi-disciplined designer with over 20 years of expertise, knowledge, and experience with a focus on luxury and futuristic experiences across branding, technology products, high-end interiors, immersive, extended reality, and experiential environments.

As well as being responsible for the Rockstars corporate design identity, Davin’s experience covers a vast number of industries and includes an extensive catalogue of high-profile companies and clients. His work on high-end immersive and technology projects encompasses experiences for the masses.

Davin brings projects to life from initial conceptualisation and visual research, to final project delivery as he provides invaluable brand, corporate strategy direction and advice for high-profile companies and clients.

When he is not innovating on new brands, creative direction and products or helping customers realise their design goals, Davin enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures. He is an avid sportsman and enjoys listening to many forms and styles of music from classical to electronic.

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